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Keep Your Promise: Senators, Do Not Cut My Military Spouses Retirement Benefits

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It's like it was yesterday when I became an engaged to a Soldier.  We had the discussion almost immediately.  Does he reenlist or does he get out?  He had been in 8 years at that time.  I said, "I could stay in Illinois, you'll deploy in a year and when you get back you can get out.  I'll keep my 70K a year job and you can get out and go to school on your GI Bill."  He reminded me of the other option.  I give up my career, he stays in and get his 20 year retirement.   I said, "If I give up my high paying job, you better be in for 20 because I make more than you in pay and can make more than your retirement if I stay where I am."  He loved his country and his job.  We decided to live the military life.

Why am I am talking about all this?  Although what I share with you is our personal finances, it is crucial to understand that the recent retirement budget cuts suggested and promoted by Paul Ryan are interfering with my families financial future.  One ,that for the past 6 years, we have been planning for.  We aren't looking for a handout as Paul Ryan has implied.

Paul Ryan says after 20 years go out and get another job.  My husband MOS/Job is not transferable to the civilian world.  Most Servicemembers do not have a job that translate to the civilian world.  He will be going back to college.  He will be starting over.  He will be jumping back into the workforce at 45.   So while others his age have hit their stride, he will be starting new with all the other 22-24 year old freshly out of college.

In 2009 my husband reenlisted for 6 years.  With 14 years, this year he reenlisted Indefinitely.  He promised his country he would serve 20 years.  Just yesterday Congress voted to change that contract.  What he thought he'd be getting when he signed, will be reduced.  Congress has asked that every Servicemember, that serves 20 years or more,to give 88k+ to help with the budget crisis.

"I live on Fort Bragg.   As I sit on my couch and look out at my circle, there are 4 military families living in it that, with this suggested budget, will be losing over $352,000.  I ask every civilian to look out their windows.  How much our your neighbors losing over these budget cuts? Money they planned to be in their future."

Paul Ryan, would have you think the everyone who enlists just magically gets this retirement.  He forgets it takes hard work, dedication, and sacrifice.   These families have endured multiple deployments.  Their spouses have moved multiple times sacrificing jobs they love.  I myself will be moving next year to San Antonio, Texas.  When we move, I will have to leave a job I love at American Airlines.

If your thought is, it's your choice, you signed up for this, you are right.  When my husband reenlisted indefinitely this year, he signed thinking he would get his retirement benefits and so did I.  Now Congress just voted to take 88K+ of it away.

This budget will get voted on by Senators next week.  Please write them and tell them not to pass this budget until the military retirement cuts are removed.


I leave you with a video of his reenlistment.  Listen to the promise he makes his country.  I'm just asking our country keep their promise to him.

If it doesn't appear below, click this link to watch -->

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