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Military Stepkids - It's Fashion Show Day!

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    Our kids are here every 3 months for 10 days to 5 weeks at a time.  After the first couple visits of them toting luggage back and forth, we decided we would buy clothes for them here.  There are a few reasons why:
  • Not having to wait that extra time in the airport for the luggage
  • No luggage fees with the airline
  • Don't have to have a conversation with Mom about what clothes to send and why
  • Not being dissapointed with the clothes mom sent
  • Mom not being upset with the way we returned their clothes


     Some may think buying clothes for their visiting children, is a extra expense they can't afford.  I've gotten extremely efficient at obtaining inexpensive clothing.
  • Thrift Stores- Shirts/pants for $1 - $2  
  • Shopping at the end of the season.  I buy their clothes one year in advance.
    IE: End of summer when everything is on clearance, I buy their swimsuit/shorts/etc
  • I always check the clearance racks.  Whether I'm at Kohl's, Macy's or the PX, I check out those sections.  Just cause I'm checking them, doesn't mean I have to buy.  I buy shirts that are under $5 and jeans under $10  
  • EBAY!  I bought EUC and some with tags clothing in a lot.  This allowed my stepdaughter to have Abercrombie.  For $60 she got Abercrombie Jeans, Sweatshirts, Sweater, Crochest sweater/jacket/2 abercrombie shirts and 1 abercrombie skirt
  • Zulilly is another place I like.  We got her some Ed Hardy tennis shoes for $35.
  • Hand me downs  
     Remember anything you buy you can resell.   Our kids wear them 5 times or less so they are always in Excellent Used Condition.  Sometimes we give them to friends and family.  Other times when they are getting close to not fitting anymore, we send them home with them.

     I've learned over the years things that are easy to buy ahead of time and things that are aren't.  Once my stepdaughter & stepson  hit 8 years old jeans became very difficult to buy.  When it comes to Jeans we usually get them when they are here.  

     Let's get to the title of this article... It's Fashion Show Day!  Today is our 2nd day with the kids.  We have them try on a majority of their clothes to figure out what fits and doesn't fit anymore.  It can be an extensive process for my stepdaughter.  She likes to model every outfit.  My stepson on the other hand can't wait to get it over with. 

     Do you buy your stepchildren clothes or do you have mom send some with them?  If you buy it, do you send it back home with them?  In the comments section, share what works best for your family.

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