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Military Stepkids - Why They Love XBOX

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Who knew a gaming system could bring families and friends together?  My kids do!

You may think it's just another gaming system.  Another thing to distract your children from getting their chores done.  Countless conversations between you and your child regarding time limits with electronics.

We see it differently.  Being Military Brats and living half way across the country from their father, XBOX 360 is becoming a life line.

  • Kinect Video allows them to talk with their father
  • They can stay connected with the Military Brat friends that have moved all over the country.  They love to play Minecraft with a military brat friend that moved to Florida
  • Connectivity to share our memories to Facebook.  We have family everywhere, so it's the fastest way for us to share memories and moments at one time.
    Here's a recent pic of playing Kinect Party. Right now XBOX 360 is giving a free trial of the game.  Take advantage!  My kids played this with their friends for 2 hours with ZERO fights!

  • Probably the best part is being able to play games with each other though we are miles apart.  The kids gave daddy an early Christmas present.  They have Madden 11 back at home.  This will allow them to play with their father while they are at their mom's.
You do need a LIVE account to be able to play online.  It's affordable!  Around $100 a year and a family of 4 is connected for a year.  For our family it is worth it!

Some may use the XBOX360 to escape everyday life.  We use it to bring our family closer together.  THANKS XBOX360!

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