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Blended Families - Stepkids & Summer

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It's the time of year!  The time when stepchildren descend onto military posts everywhere!  Some children are lucky and remain near both of their parents. That is a rare occurrence in military life.

Summer visits are different. Our kids visit for 5 weeks.  Other friends of mine have the whole summer with their stepchildren. Our lives go from a childless home to the pitter patter of feet.  It's 0-60 in one day!  It's also doubles our house size and consumption.  During the summer you almost lose track of when they return back to their mother.  We get an opportunity to really get into the groove of family life with them.


Our vacationing is a little different than others.  We vacation to see family.  Yes we may take a day at Universal or Disney, but definitely not a week.  We don't have that kind of 'Time' luxury.  The kids don't get to see daddy's side of the family very much.  Family is extremely important to us.   Vacation isn't used to escape our everyday life it's used to reconnect with our loved ones.

     Note:  I suggest always starting a summer visit at your home.  We've tried to start them with vacations, and the kids act out.  It's a big change to go from one home to another.  Give them and yourself and opportunity to adjust to the new dynamics.  After a couple weeks together a vacation is easy peasy!  

Over the next few weeks you will see more blogs about military life with stepchildren. Please email me at if you have anything in particular you would like me to discuss.

I leave you with some questions for all parents... Please answer in the comments below.  

  • How much time do you have with your children in the summer?
  • What are your vacations like?
  • How do you help your children transition to new environments?

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