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Blended Families - Anything is Possible at Walt Disney World!

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     A couple months ago my husband, Phil decided to take a trip to Florida to spend time with his sister and dad for Veteran's Day weekend.  I was planning on going as well, but I recently got a job so I couldn't go.  So what does this have to do with blended families?  

     Last week it hit me that my stepchildren were going to be at Walt Disney World on a family vacation at the same time Phil would be in Florida.  I sent a quick text to their mom and asked if it would be possible for maybe Phil to meet up with them outside the park for lunch.  She asked how about he surprises them at the park.  Great minds think alike.  I informed her we did not have the funds at this time for a ticket.  That's when she offered to buy it for him.  How sweet right?  

     Needless to say today Phil traveled to Florida.  His mom picked him up at the airport.  He got to surprise his kids and spend 5+ hours with them.  This is what happens when three women work together.  A mom, a wife, and an ex-wife, made it possible for a little boy and a girl to spend time at Walt Disney World with their mom and dad.

     I've had people comment before and ask how do we do this?  Don't I get jealous?  What about all the things in the past?  I tell them I see it from my stepchildren's eyes.  I myself was a child of divorce. My parents divorced when I was 14 years old.  I did not get them in same room for an event until Christmas 2003.  It was the first and last.  My father passed in February 2005.

     When I see my stepchildren get excited to spend time with both their parents, I don't get jealous.  I move heaven and earth to make it happen.  I know how they feel.  Kids have no idea all the adult drama going on.  They just want their mom and dad.  They don't want to have to choose. 

     Don't believe me.. just look at the smiles on those faces!  Dreams really do come true at Walt Disney World!

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