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Blended Families - Making the Miles Just Another Number - Part 1


AWC > Blended Families > Making the Miles Just Another Number - Part 1

My stepchildren live in Utah.  They live 2177 miles from their father.  If we were to drive straight through, it would take over 33 hours.  This is not an ideal situation for any blended family.  It is, unfortunately, a prevalent one in the Military community.  This blog post is about turning the time & distance into just another number.


Next year will be Mackenzie's last year in year round school.  Yes long summers are great for a traditional family, but for our blended family, having the kids in a year round school has allowed them to visit every 3 months.  It has made it bearable.  

With Traditional school Mackenzie, & her brother will go from visiting 4-5 times a year to 2-3 times a year.  Seeing their father will go from 68+ days down to under 50 days.  Right now, Danny, at this time, doesn't seem to be impacted by this impending change.  Maybe, it's because he has 2 years till he switches.  Every child is different though.

Since their schedule would be changing, I thought let's fly out and see them.  They've been getting on planes and flying by themselves for 5 years to see their father.  You can read more about it in my blog, "Military Stepkids - Flying Unaccompanied".  Why not, have him try to go out every 3 months and see them.

That is easier said then done right?  We are fortunate regarding the relationship we have built with their mom & stepfather.  I called their mom and ran the idea by her.  She was all for it.  We picked a weekend.  Phil & I got time off work.  The plan was set in motion.  We would visit the weekend of their dance recital.

The kids couldn't have been happier.

Stay Tuned for Part 2! I'll share our visit.  Some of what we did might surprise you!

AWC Founder, Stepmom, Child of Divorce

How do you handle the miles?  Have a suggestion that works for you?  Please share it in the comments below!

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