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Bringing Home Baby: 9 Things I Wish Somebody Would Have Told Me 9 Months Ago**

AWC >  Adoption > Bringing Home Baby: 9 Things I Wish Somebody Would Have Told Me 9 Months Ago**
(**not that I would have listened….and neither will you…or maybe you will and I was just too stubborn)

This month marks Little Dude’s nine months on this earth and in our family.  You might have noticed that it’s also been about that long since the last time I blogged.  Coincidence?  I think not.  So to mark the big day (well, the one before the big day.... i.e., his year birthday) here’s my list of nine things I wish somebody had told me nine months ago:

Easy Tip to Keep Your Healthy Resolutions

AWC > Fitness & Weightloss > Easy Tip to Keep Your Healthy Resolutions

According to the University of Scranton Journal of Clinical Psychology, losing weight and staying fit / being healthy are No. 1 and No. 5 on the list of top-10 New Year resolutions for 2014.  And in 2002 the Journal of Clinical Psychology reported that only 39% of people in their 20's achieve their New Year resolution and the rate goes way down as we grow older.

But wouldn't you agree that staying fit and being healthy are resolutions worth achieving?  Improving fitness and maximizing your health are life-enhancing and life changing.  

How To Exercise Safely During Pregnancy

AWC > Fitness & Weightloss > How To Exercise Safely During Pregnancy

I'm so excited to be pregnant with our third baby.  I'm currently in the beginning of the second trimester and feeling a lot more like myself compared to the first trimester.  Keeping fit and strong during pregnancy is so important.  There are numerous benefits of exercising during pregnancy, among them are:
  • less discomfort 
  • better sleep
  • being better prepared for labor 
  • bouncing back quicker after delivery
And a new study shows that women who are physically active during pregnancy may give birth to babies with more advanced brains.  That's pretty awesome, right?

Keep Your Promise: Senators, Do Not Cut My Military Spouses Retirement Benefits

AWC > Military Life > Keep Your Promise:  Senators, Do Not Cut My Military Spouses Retirement Benefits

It's like it was yesterday when I became an engaged to a Soldier.  We had the discussion almost immediately.  Does he reenlist or does he get out?  He had been in 8 years at that time.  I said, "I could stay in Illinois, you'll deploy in a year and when you get back you can get out.  I'll keep my 70K a year job and you can get out and go to school on your GI Bill."  He reminded me of the other option.  I give up my career, he stays in and get his 20 year retirement.   I said, "If I give up my high paying job, you better be in for 20 because I make more than you in pay and can make more than your retirement if I stay where I am."  He loved his country and his job.  We decided to live the military life.

Why am I am talking about all this?  Although what I share with you is our personal finances, it is crucial to understand that the recent retirement budget cuts suggested and promoted by Paul Ryan are interfering with my families financial future.  One ,that for the past 6 years, we have been planning for.  We aren't looking for a handout as Paul Ryan has implied.

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