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Don't Let Unforeseen Circumstances Derail You


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At the end of this workout I was sopping wet...but it's not what you think ;-)  

Don't you hate it when you have every intention to get your workout in and something happens that totally messes up your plans?  Well, don't let that little hinderance totally derail your efforts.

Be flexible.  


If you planned on exercising out doors and the weather isn't cooperating, then go inside.  If someone is hogging your favorite elliptical at the gym, broaden your horizon and go try the row machine.  What about you have a surprise mandatory staff meeting at the end of the day, then you hit major traffic and by the time you help the kids with homework, feed the family and clean up you are totally wiped out and your motivation is gone?  Just tell yourself to do 3 sets of 20 squats (Chances are you'll feel better and do more.  But if not, you've still done something to keep on track).

Every little bit counts.  This healthy living thing we're all trying to do is all about consistency.  So don't let every unexpected hiccup get you down.  Work with what you've got, do what you can and never forget:

No Excuses. No Regret. Just Sweat.

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