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The Ability To Go The Distance Lies Between Your Ears


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There is an undeniable connection between your mind and body.  And therefore your thoughts & attitude are directly correlated to your physical well-being.  I would even argue that your ability to stay positive and to motivate yourself is the single greatest factor in your ability to reach health and fitness goals.  Changing bad habits and creating more healthy ones takes time and is not easy.  I know you know that.  


And the changes require overcoming many little trying times:  the time you are "too tired" to exercise, the moment you find yourself standing in front of the candy bars while in line at the grocery store, that urge to snack on chips while watching you favorite t.v. show and that point in your workout when your muscles burn and your lungs sting.  That's when you have to dig deep between your ears and push yourself to stick to the plan, to make a good go the distance.

You have to.  It's these little victories that add up to a healthy life-style, your wow body and feeling your best.

Here are 10 affirmations you can use to help you through those pivotal moments:

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