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Family Fun & Fitness: Back Yard Summer Fitness Course


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Back-to-school commercials are airing, class supply lists have been mailed and the count down to the first day of school has begun. But there's still some long, hot days of summer left and we should enjoy them with our loved ones.


 What better way to enjoy the dog-days of August than with a wet fitness course in the back yard that the whole family can enjoy. Pull out your sprinkler, grab whatever you have around the house and be creative to make a fun course for your family. Here's an example of a course I've set up in the back yard for my girls and I. Just remember this is for fun, if your cherubs aren't ready for burpees and plank walking let them decide what they'd like to do. As long as your moving and laughing it's a huge success. Who knows, maybe it'll become a new summer tradition, or at least a great memory.

And here's our Killer Workout of the Week for you to enjoy tomorrow :-)

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