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Meadow Lights - A Family Tradition

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We've lived in Fayetteville since June 2008.  I wish we would have known about, "Meadow Lights" a long time ago.  I'm glad we did finally find it and were able to add this to our holiday traditions. Below is a video.  To be honest, it really doesn't do it justice.  You have to see it first hand and see the look on your child's face.  Right from the moment you drive up all you hear them saying is, "Look at that".  It continues up until the moment you leave.  I want to personally thank Mr. Roy D. Johnson and his family for providing such an amazing moment to me and my family.

Train Ride was $2 per person.  Carousel was $2 per person.  Don't forget to stop at the Old Fashion Candy Store and the Concession Stands.  I know we walked away with about 5lbs of candy!

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