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Hope for Alysa - Army Kid Needs Heart Transplant

We discovered the "Hope for Alysa" Facebook page a couple months ago.  Army family and kids in need are near and dear to Army Wives Club.  We've highlighted "Bringing Home the Browns" and "Xaymara".  We hope you take moment to get to know this special little girl.

Alysa is a 9 year-old Army kid born with a severe congenital dilated cardiomyopathy.  She needs a new heart and is on the transplant list.

Please go like their Facebook page.  They also have a Funrazr page to raise money to help with travel, costs, child care, and other expenses related to Alyssa's treatment.

A little info about the family directly from their Facebook page:

"Tyler & Mindy have been married for 16 years, and have 5 beautiful daughters at home. They also have one they welcomed into their hearts. So, the oldest is 27, then 17, 15, 13, 11, and Alysa, who is 9. The family resides in Washington State. Tyler is a soldier in the Army. He enlisted 8 years ago. Mindy went to college to learn how to take care of Alysa. Their passion has been to help other families with special needs in the military community. Tyler & Mindy have faithfully and actively given of their lives, love, and time to any and every person they can.

What is Alysa like? Imagine a little girl who loves to soak in bubbly baths, and play with her mermaid Barbies. Any little doo-dad becomes a toy or accessory. She loves to create anything amazing in her little fairy land, whether it is playing with tiny little pet shop toys or Strawberry Shortcake dolls. Most of the time, she snuggles into cozy fleece blankets. Pink is a must. Sweaters must be purple. Hoodies are her favorites, and she is desperate to find another orange wool pea coat. I bought a blue one, and it's not a coat because it isn't orange. The world is still amazing and huge. The stars are magic. Clouds and sky and trees and flowers and anything beautiful amazes her. Jewelry is as necessary as oxygen. She loves to decorate cupcakes. She draws them, smells them, flavors them, but rarely eats them. Sugar tastes like medicine. Music is beautiful. It doesn't matter what kind, as long as she can sing along. Hugs are snuggly and last as long as she can make them, and she is pretty good at wrapping everyone around her little finger. She is usually fiesty, and she can have a temper. She doesn't understand how to explain things all the time, but she doesn't let her confusion stop her. She tries until she understands how to do something. She was tube fed until she was 6, and she saw another tubie eating. She decided to keep trying until she could do it all by herself. She is brave. She is sweet, and she is our own little hero."

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