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How To Avoid Overeating At Summer BBQ's

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I was born with an innate patriotic spirit.  When I was young, my family used to go to Oriole's games at the old Oriole's Stadium.  Even at a young 6 or 7 years old, I would tear up and well up with pride during the National Anthem.  So naturally, I love Independence Day.  I love the anticipation of a long break from work, the excitement of gathering for fireworks and of course I love the BBQ's.  But there's nothing worse than overshadowing the amazing fireworks display with feeling sluggish and bloated from eating one too many hotdogs and far too much potato salad.  

We can still enjoy all of our favorite BBQ foods without sabotaging our fitness and weight loss goals.  All it takes is a little forethought and self discipline and you'll be partying it up without any post-BBQ remorse.

Here's 4 quick tips to help you out!


Here's how:
(1) Eat something before you go.  Definitely do not starve yourself all day in anticipation of that marinated, grilled-to-perfection steak.  Eat small meals throughout the day and just before you go fill up with a quick snack.  Something similar to your pre-workout meal.  A protein shake, a piece of fruit with a tablespoon of peanut butter or a small salad.

(2) Plate smart.  Make the goal to fill up your plate half-full of fresh fruits and vegetables (and no- potato salad and that whipped cream jello salad with fruit in it doesn't count.)  The other 1/2 of your plate is for all of your favorites.  Remember portion size is crucial.  Meat should not be bigger than a tight fist. And think of grabbing sample size portions (the size of a silver dollar) of those fat-filled favorites:  macaroni salad, potato salad, that jello concoction and deserts.  

(3) Drink while you eat.  Grab a bottle of nice, cool water and sip while you eat.  Every few bites take a swig.  Not only will this help you stay hydrated in the summer heat, but it will also help you eat more slowly.  This is crucial to giving your brain time to recognize the full sensations coming from your belly; which is crucial to not overeating.

(4) Wait on seconds.  Hey, I know it's a celebration and eating and celebrating go hand-in-hand.  If there's ever a time to get seconds, it's at a time like this.  All I ask is for you to wait 20 minutes before you go back.  Allow yourself time to actually feel how full you are so you'll be less likely to pile on the food.  And remember, it's okay to leave food on your plate.  The moment you think, "I should probably stop eating," STOP.  If you hate wasting food, ask the host for some tin foil and put the plate in the fridge to take home with you later.

With these four tips you can enjoy all of the upcoming summer BBQ's without sabotaging all of your efforts to eat smart and exercise.  And speaking of is our WOWbodyNOW Workout of The Week.


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