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TTC - Let the Injectables Begin!

AWC > TTC > Let the Injectables Begin!

Started  Injections of Follitropin on Tuesday, November 20th.   I finally met Natalie.  She is one of Dr. Parker's Nurses.  Her and Dori are fabulous.  Great to finally put a face with the voice.

 I've done 4 days of shots.  So far only thing I've noticed is I go from feeling hot to cold quite frequently.  I have taken to turning my heated seats on in the car with the air conditioning running.

Only effect on my mood has been that of being happier.  Haven't been moody or sad.  I really thought I'd need to walk around with a warning sign around my neck that said, "Don't Poke the Bear".  My mom even joked and said she'd call me in 10 days.   Haven't had an gastrointestinal issues either.  Keepin' my fingers crossed that it stays this way.

I had to go into husband's work the other day to have him give me a shot.  It doesn't hurt. I'm unable to stick myself with a needle.  I'm too wussy to do it so my husband does it for me. I thought maybe it would be slow in there. Nope tons of Soldiers eating and socializing the day before Thanksgiving. My husband and I enter the woman's bathroom together. That NEVER looks good. Of course he's just giving me a hormone shot. I ask him.. umm does anyone know why I'm here? He said, "NOPE!" AWKWARD! Meaning I'd rather have him let his coworkers know why he's in the bathroom with me instead of wondering. EEK! 

On Monday I go in for a Transvaginal Ultrasound to see if any of my eggs are ready.  After typing that, I'm feeling a little like a hen in a hen house.  I'll blog again when I have more info.

Shot #5

Here's what the injection pen looks like
Instructions on how to self-inject


Blogging about TTC, whether by AWC or a guest blogger, is to document personal experiences. We are not doctors. This is not medical advice. We encourage you to seek professional medical assistance regarding your individual journey.
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