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Jenn Intro: Army Wife, 2nd Wife,Stepmom, TTC, Blogger

Army Wife, 2nd Wife,Stepmom, TTC Wife, Blogger. Those are just a few of the things I might talk about.

Army Wife
     I became an Army Wife February 2, 2008 at the age of 34. I was a single yuppie. I worked at Verizon Wireless 10 years. I had already bought my own home, car, and thought I would be single forever. I had no urge to settle down. I thought I would always adopt or foster a child one day. My course in life changed when I met my husband. I met him online. I thought he would be a booty call and nothing serious. Maybe that's how we fell in love. We were both so open. No lies and nothing to lose. 

When I told friends and family I was getting married, they were shocked. Like I said, marriage and fawning over a man were never topics I discussed. When I told them I was moving to NC, I thought my friends and family were going to faint. I'm a Rockford, Illinois girl born and raised. Still have our house there. I love it and can't wait to go back. There was something about our relationship that I knew was special and I wasn't letting it go. Life is too short to let distance end great love.

2nd Wife
     The first time I spoke to Phil's ex-wife, was when we were booking for a flight for the kids to fly to Chicago. While I was dating Phil everything went very smoothly. Once Phil and I were married, it hit the fan. Now, in the last year or so, things have greatly improved. I think his ex-wife said it best when she picked up the kids last summer. (Yes she came to our home, we went to the kids museum, had dinner, and we are all still alive!) She said something about how at the beginning it was like we were all marking our territory. I can agree with her on that. Although none of us literally lifted our legs, we were all struggling at the beginning to figure out where everyone fit and how to accept and tolerate everyone's differences/personalities. We all made mistakes. We stumbled. We fell. Now we are growing. 

     I met my stepkids in the summer of 2007. Danny was 4 and Mackenzie was 5. Before we met, Phil and I had an hour long conversation. I wanted to make sure we were on the same page about the kids. ( IE: What are the kids allowed to eat and do? What's their bed time? If they do something wrong do you want me to correct them or did he want to do it?) Thank god we had that conversation. Everything went so smoothly. We didn't have to break off and have a conversation when something cropped up.  

Through the years, the conversations prior to a trip or an event have helped so much with our parenting.  I can not stress enough the importance of being on the same page regarding the kids.    I have a great relationship with my stepkids.  I love them like they are my own.  


     In October of 2011, Phil got a vasectomy reversal.  He was on a waitlist at Womack for over a year.  The day they called to schedule the surgery my heart skipped a beat.  Now how did we get to TTC?  Didn't I say earlier I was the type that would adopt?  When I met my husband, I told him I couldn't see pushing a watermelon out of me.  I love kids! It's the birthing process that deterred me.  I have mad respect for all birth moms out there!  

Deciding to start the TTC journey came from quiet and gentle conversations with my husband.  He wanted to make a baby with me.  He greatly regretted ever getting a vasectomy.  His life and journey is a prime example of how things can change.  When he came back from Afghanistan in 2010, he started looking into what he needed to do to get a vasectomy reversal.  His eagerness, supportive nature, and being such a great father to his own kids made it so I could find no reason not to follow his lead.  

Although we have not been successful yet, we just found out yesterday we have been accepted into the Fertility program at Womack.  

     I started a family blog when I married Phil.  It allowed me to communicate with family and friends.  I could keep them up-to-date on what was going on in our lives.

The design of Army Wives Club came about because of my experience with internal reference systems at Verizon Wireless and Army Life.  I wanted a place where you could experience and access all the different social platforms and Army Wife activity from a location /platform a viewer is comfortable with.

At Verizon Wireless I worked on standardizing the internal reference systems.  I worked on merging 7 different reference systems from 7 different carriers into one Verizon Wireless internal reference system.  

There are hundreds,if not thousands, of Army Moms, Wives, Kids, Friends, and Soldiers blogging, vloggin', pinnin', tweeting, and tumblin' about Army Life.   I love reading and watching all the different view points.  

I thought why not bring content from many different platforms/sources to many different platforms with many different view points.  Not just me talking about me.  I was already going through tons of content.  Why not start presenting and promoting that content to new and existing Army family and friends.  Introduce them to stuff they may have never found or frankly had the time to find.

Now don't get me wrong.  I love to voice my opinion!  Anyone that knows me would tell you that.  I also love to listen.  I find that everyone is like a book.  When I find a new blog, tweet, pin, or vlog, it's like finding a new book of a person.  I can't wait to find that next book and share it with you!  

That's just a little >cough< about me!  


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