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Infertility Program Orientation at Womack


Tuesday, July 24th,  we went to the Orientation for the Infertility Program at Womack.  Phil & I arrived early and sat upfront.  I was surprised how many couples were there.  I definately do not feel alone.

Dr. Parker, the infertility specialist, provided a powerpoint of information.  What I took notice of quickly, was at 38, I was at an extreme disadvantage.  I walked away wondering how many layers of dust were on my eggs, that's if I have any.

He explained how this is not a Tricare covered program.  The program is paid for by Womack to keep Dr. Parker's skills current. There are 5 military hospitals offering a program similar to this.  I'm using Womack's.
The other locations are: 

  • Joint Base Lewis McChord
  • Fort Sam Houston
  • Walter Reed
  • Tripler in Hawaii
 This is not Army Specific.  I believe you must be Active Duty or dependent.  I'm not sure though.  You do not need to live near or be stationed at Fort Bragg to take advantage of the program.  If you've been trying for a year, make an appointment with your PCM and ask to see if you can be referred to the Infertility program at Womack.  

Dr. Parker was very eager and enthusiastic.  I think he wanted to get me pregnant more than my husband did.  I truly think he will do anything he possible to achieve pregnancy.  I was relieved that he considers having more than 2 babies, at a time, a failure.  I'll admit, I've had fear of being the next 'Octomom'.

I think you can see I approach this with a sense of humor and patience.  It's a hurry up and wait situation.  Hurry go do this.  Now wait for the results.  I think my best advice is plan your life with the facts of today.  Do not plan on the what ifs in life.  There are no guarantees.  

Now I wait for my next cycle to begin testing.



Note:  Remember programs offered are always subject to change.  What happens now may not be accurate later on.  Please do not call up quoting this blog to the Nurses or Docs and demanding service.  There can be some wait times involved and they are very busy with eager women wanting to have a baby.  Be patient and kind to them.  Thanks!

Anyone else utilize this program?  Please provide your thoughts & experiences below. 

Blogging about TTC, whether by AWC or a guest blogger, is to document personal experiences. We are not doctors. This is not medical advice. We encourage you to seek professional medical assistance regarding your individual journey.
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