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Drill Weekends


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One of the reasons I joined this blog was to enlighten others about the life of a Reserves family. So far I’ve found this hard to do, as there really isn’t much to share-at least not yet. I know some have wondered what drill weekends are like and how they affect our family. So with drill being this weekend for us I thought I’d share a little about it.


My husband and I don’t have any children so I’m not sure how it impacts families that do. For me personally, it’s just a weekend. No big deal. He leaves around 2 in the morning on Saturday to make it to PT on time. He returns on Sunday after 5. While he’s gone we don’t talk that much. Usually just a quick goodnight Saturday night and then maybe a call on Sunday to let me know he’s on his way home. Other than that that’s about all of the communication we have. I don’t bother him when he’s at work and the Army is another job so I don’t bother him when he’s at drill.

While he’s gone things are the same as when he’s here. I go to work or spend time with family-whatever I have planned for that weekend. I do have a hard time sleeping without him there so I’m usually pretty tired by the time he gets back. Life goes on as normal. I can’t speak for all Reserves/NG families, but for mine drill weekend is just another weekend. 

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