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Introducing Rodneya

Hey Everyone! My name is Rodneya Varner and I’ve been an Army Wife for almost a year. My husband is in the Reserves.  I have to say this past year has been a rollercoaster for me! DH and I got married June 16, 2012. We started dating our senior year of high school and have been together for 5 years now.

I’m 22 years young and am the ultimate girly-girl! I love all things pink, I’m obsessed with makeup, and I can’t stop shopping to save my life!  I love blogging and making videos. I maintain two blogs: one personal and one about my life as a sales associate. I got my degree in Journalism and spend most of my days searching for my dream job. I currently work part time at the mall. 

My Husband did ROTC in college. Dating someone in ROTC can be kind of hard, especially when you’re planning to spend the rest of your life with him or her. You don’t know if they’ll be AD or Reserves/NG. You have no idea where you’ll be going after graduation. You have no idea what to expect. Unfortunately, there aren’t many resources available for those in this situation.  You can find so many people that can tell you about Basic and AIT, but few that know about LDAC and BOLC. I’m here to help those in this situation. Since I’ve been through it I can offer support, advice, and some knowledge on how these things work.

I am so excited to be contributing to AWC! I hope that I can provide some more insight into the life of a Reserve Wife and how the Army fits into our lives. I also hope that I can help anyone else with a loved one in ROTC who may not have any resources to help them out.  There’s so much more I want to say, but I will save them for later posts!




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