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TTC - IUI & the Two Week Wait

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December 3rd was IUI day.  After 10 days of hormone shots, we headed off to Carolina IVF Labs.  Phil provided the the soldiers and they picked the best of the bunch and put them in a vial.  I'll let you in on a little secret that only those that have been through IUI know.  There's a special way you transport the 'soldiers'.  It's right between your breasts.  I had a pic, but I wimped out on posting it.  I drove from Carolina IVF Labs to Womack carrying our potential future children.

Once at Womack everything is very similiar to a PAP.  Up on the table and Dori, RE-Nurse, injects the swimmers.  There is no pain.  I went to work that night.

2WW(Two Week Wait)
Ahhh the two week wait.  Anyone woman who has tried to have a child has different approaches to the two week wait.  Some POAS (Pee on A stick) daily.  Others can hold off till the end. I don't do either.  I just waited till test day, which was 12/13.  Well actually I missed test day, I was at home waiting for Time Warner.  I ended up going in for a blood test yesterday, 12/14/12.

The Results
Dori, the RE-Nurse, called yesterday.  She said, "You are not pregnant.  I'm sorry."  I say, "Don't be sorry.  I'm not one of the women who is devastated when she finds out she isn't pregnant."  Let me tell you what I told her.

The time of making a baby is a like a football game.  We only have to win one game.  There are many games to play in a season.  We are still in the game.  Our football career isn't over yet.  We haven't been told we can't have kids.  We'll deal with that, if it happens.  For now, it's one game at a time.  I'm so happy many of you have joined as cheerleaders.  Your support is amazing!

Next Steps
Now we move on to taking care of the polyp.  I'll have a saline sonogram after the holidays, and then surgery to have it removed


Blogging about TTC, whether by AWC or a guest blogger, is to document personal experiences. We are not doctors. This is not medical advice. We encourage you to seek professional medical assistance regarding your individual journey.
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