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Pregnancy Vlog- Home Doppler Fun/Finding Baby's Heartbeat

AWC > Pregnancy > Home Doppler Fun / Finding Baby's Heartbeat

Like most ladies who have suffered from loss, I have been pretty anxious about what is going on beneath all my "layers". Is baby still growing? Is the heartbeat still beating a way like we saw on the ultrasound?

As much as I am trying to be positive about things, I can't seem to turn off that switch in my mind that makes me question everything I feel.  I have heard/seen other ladies on YouTube buying home dopplers to hear baby's heartbeat between appointments.

I talked to my husband about it and he didn't seem too fond of the idea.  He was afraid that it would actually cause more anxiety if I wasn't able to find a beat.  Understanding his side, but still feeling that it would put my mind at ease I researched places to buy a doppler.  I found one I liked, which seems to be the popular one for most ladies, and purchased it for less than $60!!

Click below to watch the unboxing:

Now that I have the doppler, I wasn't sure when I would be able to find a beat.  Also I had no idea how to use it or what the heart would actually sound like. So just like everyone else I hit YouTube channels to do research on what to do and what to listen for.  lol  After about 2 Days, I got brave and decided I would try and promised myself I would not let it upset me if I could not fined it.

Right away, I realized that this was not goign to be as easy as I thought it was going to be. There were several different sounds that I couln't dicifer.  After a few minutes, I gave up and deicded to try again some other time.  When 9 weeks 4 days hit, I decided I would take one lady'ls advice and drink a ton of water before trying again. I determined that 32 oz of water should do the trick.  Within about 30 minutes I drank all the water and decided to wait an hour.  Ive had ultrasounds before where they make you drink a bunch of water before so figured i'd go with what they had me to.

Well 30 minutes after I finisehd the water past and I was starting to do the potty dance!!  I then quickly busted out the doppler and began searching.

After a few minutes of searching check out what I found!!!

When I first heard that fast little beat, I kept myself from getting excited and posted this vid to my Youtbe and Facebook page to ask others if I was hearing what I thought.  CONFIRMATION!!! WOOOHOO!


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