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TTC - Saline Sonogram, Polyp Update, & Pitting Edema OH MY!

AWC > TTC > Saline Sonogram, Polyp Update, & Pitting Edema

I had my Saline Sonogram the other day.  I'm so glad I took a Tramadol prior because it was very painful for me.  It felt like a horrible stomach cramp.  It wasn't as intense as the HSG, but I think that's because of the pain medicine I took.

Last time I updated you about our TTC efforts, I mentioned us having to post pone due to a polyp being seen during our IUI Transvagnial Ultrasounds.   After the Saline Sonogram, preliminary reports show no polyp.  YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!

Next Steps?  Well I'd love to jump right back into IUI.  I'm hoping next cycle we can.  Another issue cropped up.  I have pitting edema in my legs.  I noticed it after my IUI cycle.  The cause has not been determined.  I have heard of other women putting on weight after they started IUI.  I jumped like 20 pounds.  Taking a water pill caused me to drop 10 pounds in 2 days.  I think alot of my weight gain is water.

Being able to put prints in your leg a while is NO BUENO!  Need to figure out what this is prior to the next IUI.  I'm hoping it's just hormone related and will go away soon!

What's your experience with a Saline Sonogram? Was it painful for you?  Have you ever had pitting edema during/after IUI?  If so, how long did it take to resolve?  I'd love your feedback on this.

Blogging about TTC, whether by AWC or a guest blogger, is to document personal experiences. We are not doctors. This is not medical advice. We encourage you to seek professional medical assistance regarding your individual journey. 
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