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Week 3: Get Your Booty Beach Ready

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In all my years of personal training and fitness instruction I've had to debunk a lot of exercise myths; and one in particular when working with clients who are women.

Myth:  If a woman lifts weights she will bulk up and loose her feminine shape.

Chances are you've heard that one before.  So many people still believe it.  But the good news is, that it couldn't be farther from the truth.  It takes months, if not years, of heavy lifting and increased caloric intake to bulk up.  In fact, weight training is essential to maximizing your fitness and getting a tight, toned feminine physique.

Take a look at this cross section of a woman's thighs.

The white part is fat and the red part is muscle.  Implementing a well-balanced fitness plan that includes weight training as well as cardio will lead to increasing the red part while decreasing the white part.  Adding weights to your regimen will increase your lean muscle and your caloric burn, and help you burn the excess fat even faster.   And you know what that leaves... a lean, sculpted body.

So this week's tip to get your booty beach ready is:

 Add resistance to your training.  

Our WOWbodyNOW Workout of the Week does just that.  And the wonderful thing about this workout is that it kills two birds with one stone.  The challenging sequence and pace of the kettle bell (or hand weight) exercises will give you a great cardio workout while getting your weight training in as well.  So tackle the workout with confidence that it is taking you one step closer to being beach ready :-)

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*DISCLAIMER: Not all exercises are suitable for everyone and this or any other exercise program may result in injury. To reduce the risk of injury in your case, consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program. The instructions and advice presented are in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling. The creators, producers, participants, distributors of this program and connected media disclaim any liabilities or loss in connection with the exercises and advice herein.

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