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Commissary Closes & Sam's Club Opens It's Doors to Military

AWC > Discounts & Savings > Commissary Closes & Sam's Club Opens It's Doors to Military

When one door closes, another one opens.

I know we are late to the party. I saw the stories swirling around the internet last night about Sam's Club and how they're letting military members & their dependents have access to their stores while the Commissaries are closed.

39,0000+ Soldiers & their families live on Fort Bragg. Today, as one of them, I decided to venture out to Sam's Club! This experience is based on the Sam's Club near Fort Bragg.


Less than a 12 minute drive from North Post and I'm Here!  The skies are blue and I'm ready to explore!

Full of smiles, that's what this place was.  From the Greeter, to checkout, to leaving, every employee seemed happy to be there and was ready for the increase in traffic due to the offer.  

Right when we entered the Sam's Club, the greeter was prepared.  One after another people kept asking Greeter Yamina, "Do I need to get a Sam's Club Card?"   She politely answered, "No..  Just show them your Military ID at checkout."  This process was simple, easy breezy, kind of like how it is when you go to the Commissary.

Next we scanned the store.  For my meat lovers, they have a great selection, but be prepared to pay.  It is more expensive, partly by the pound, but also do to amount you have to buy.  They say things are bigger in Texas,  I think things are bigger at Sam's Club.  You'll realize this right when you see the carts.  They are twice as big.  If you have twins, Sam's Club is for you!  They've got seating for two.

Here are some of the products that caught my eye.

Wish had white American cheese. This girl can't tolerate dyes.

Are you ready to get Naked?

Holy 3lbs of Bacon Batman!

Hey , Roses are 12.98

18ct of Eggslands Best $3.59

My guilty pleasure...I'm in heaven. 1 Gallon of 's mayo.


We checked out with Jasmine.  All she needed to see was my military ID.  Easy Peasy!

When you exit, don't forget to keep your receipt handy.  Yadira, or another happy employee will be there to check it before you exit.

Overall I enjoyed my experience at Sam's Club.  I still miss our Commissary.  However, if I ever throw a party and need bulk, I'm heading to Sam's Club!

Thanks Sam's Club for reaching out and trying to make the Government Shutdown a little less stressful for military families.

AWC Founder

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