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TTC - How Mickey Handles the 2WW

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One thing I have learned while TTCing is that the two week wait (TWW) can make a person go crazy!  I often am asked what I do to help with the anxiety of that time.  During the week of Spring Break, I decided to document one of my favorite hobbies during this time….building furniture!!!

Most military families learn when we move any furniture made of particle board will not make it to the next duty station.  Now, I've never been much of a “girly girl” and I am by no means a carpenter! But with the help of Pinterest, and the support of my awesome husband, I decided I wanted to make my own furniture that will not break.  My husband was all for it since that meant we were going to be making trips to Lowe’s and what guy doesn't like hearing “We need more tools”. 

A few months ago, hubby and I built a cubbies for our living room which we put our shoes in.  It was a great weekend project that we enjoyed doing together.  

Since hubby was at Fort Jackson, SC for Platoon SGT school during my Spring Break I decided I would conquer my fear of the saw table and would finally make my patio furniture myself.  After all, how hard can it be….LOL

Luckily enough, the plans I got off the site told me step by step what to do.  With no need to rediscover the wheel, I was on it and after a week’s work, my patio furniture is complete!!

I will be posting individual blogs for the table and chairs which will include videos later!


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