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Fort Bragg: It's time to Play!

I'm a doer.  I like to be out and about.  Kids are no different.  Fort Bragg has so many great spaces for your kids to play. There are tons of parks and playgrounds on Ft. Bragg.  Here are my favorite two! They are Wilson Park & Throckmorton Library Playground.

Up first it's Wilson Park!  This is the all ages, all abilities playground.  The playground itself is wheelchair accessible.  An individual utilizing a wheelchair can get onto portions of the apparatus via the yellow ramp.  It has two rock climbing walls.  My 9 & 10 year were not disappointed.  If you have a toddler there will be things to do, but you will not be sitting.  You will be right next to them due to your toddlers access to apparatuses that are built for the bigger kids.   

There are bathrooms.  BRING YOUR OWN TOILET PAPER because they were out when we visited.  I'd give them a B- on cleanliness but make no mistake, they are WAY BETTER than a port-a-potty.

Parking here is limited when it's busy. 

There are grills and covered picnic tables with a lake view.  Perfect place to picnic and play!

View of the whole playground 

View from the back of the park. Brown Building on left are bathrooms
Note: There is a toddler playground  at Wilson Park but it is on the other end of the lake.. You will be walking over lots of ground and pine needles.  There isn't a side walk that connects the two of them.  Your best bet is to hop back in the car and drive to the other parking lot.

My second favorite park on Fort Bragg is the playground that sits next to the Throckmorton Library on Knox & Randolph.  It's diagonally across for FORSCOM and across from the Track.  This park is wheelchair accessible. However, sometimes the mulch goes over the rubberized walkway when it rains.  This may make it difficult to maneuver through the park with wheelchairs.

This park is great for families that have toddlers and older children.  The Toddler Playground and "Bigger Kids" Playground sit right next to eachother.  It's a park that allows you to entertain every age of child.

Parking is plentiful here.  Park in the Library parking lot.

Bathrooms are in the Library which a short walk.

In June and July Throckmorton hosts a Summer Reading Program..  They have many events!  Keep them in mind for your summer plans.  It's an inexpensive way to entertain your kids.  Remember to bring your military ID in case you want to check out some books or movies.

Older kids Playground

Toddler Playground

Toddler Playground

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