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Introducing Courtney Vincent

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Intro to Me
My name is Courtney C. Vincent, formerly known as Courtney Floyd. I am 23 years old and married to Matthew D. Vincent. I guess I'll start with me, I was born and raised in Florida with my mom as a single parent.


When I was 4 years old, my mom sent me to "Computer Tots" which is basically a preschool where they taught you to use computers. This is the start of my love addiction. I am a total computer junkie. I fix them, I work on them. I die without them. Every time we moved as a kid it was the first thing I'd take out of the moving van and have set up on my bedroom floor in ten minutes flat.

In middle school I met the first human love of my life, my bestfriend Cherril. We have been through a lot together and up until this last year we've had everything in common. Now I'm a wife, but she's not. And she's a mother, but I'm not. lol. During 8th grade at my school I was registered with a "above genius" IQ level and given a slot into a class with all the others like me. It was really entertaining to get to talk to people there.

After High school, I thought about joining the military myself. My dad had been in, some of my aunts had been in, my grandparents and greatgrand parents had been in. I thought it might be for me, unfortunately I tried the Army first and after finding out a few things about myself I realized it wasn't for me. So instead I dragged myself to college where I studied Digital Photography with an amazing group of creative and artistic people.

Currently, I do my photography things on the weekend (buying new gear soon! I'm so excited!!) and I work during the week to have spending money for Matthew and I and also to stay out of the very empty house. I also Vlog but I'll get into that later.

Intro to Us
Matthew and I met through mutual friends at a concert for my friends local band. I told him I liked his hat and wanted to wear it, so he let me. Us, the band and some other people all went back to someone's house to have a little after party celebration where 1, we realized I had lost my voice at the show and 2, we got a little to drunk for our own britches. Pretty sure Matthew and I made out .. a lot. /embarrassing. He thought that I was just going to end up being "some girl" and that I'd go home with him.

Fortunately for me, I didn't let it go down that way. I left with my friends and we exchanged info over facebook. He thought we'd never hang out again. He was wrong. I text him and he asked me out on a date. Dinner? Sorta. Movies? Sorta but not at the theater. I should've known he was the one for me when he invited me to his home for a Star Wars Marathon dinner date.

We caught fire, and within a week he told me in a soft and meek voice that he didn't want me to run off and he was away to say it but that he loved me. He stared at me for a while like he was afraid to move and that I was going to freak out but I just smiled, kissed him and said "I think I love you too."

Two months later, he proposed at Harry Potter (I COULD HAVE DIEDDD, I'm such a rabid fangirl) right in front of Hogwarts. I swear. RIGHT IN FRONT OF HOGWARTS PEOPLE! Two months after that, we got married. We had a very small, extremely personal hand-fasting wedding.

Cherril is an ordained minister so she performed our ceremony and it was very touching.

Intro to Army Wife Life
I had known before we even got engaged that Matthew's plan was to leave college and go into the military, he wanted to eventually become a helicopter pilot on Apache's (currently, he's a helicopter mechanic for Apache's) and it is part of the reason we rushed getting married.

Things have not always been great, specifically because his mother doesn't exactly approve of our marriage right now. She has a hard time letting go, and because we didn't know each other very long and weren't together very long she doesn't really care for it.

Of course, Matthew really doesn't care about her opinion on the situation which at times I am very thankful for but I do try to remind him that she is his mother and he should respect some of her opinions and least try to understand that they are well founded.

If I had ever thought that I was going to meet someone and within a span of four months be married, I think I would've locked myself up in the loony bin.

Army Wife Life started for me, not when we turned in the paperwork. Not when he was gone for PT every few days getting ready but on Jan 28, 2013 when I hugged him for the last time and he dropped me off for work before BCT. Those first few weeks were the hardest thing I felt I had ever been through emotionally (and trust me, I've been through a lot). I refused to sleep in our bed because it was to big and he wasn't in it so I slept on the couch. I kept his side of the bed perfectly made up but never touched mine. I had a hard time falling asleep at all and would often collapse into tears for no apparent reason. I had gotten so used to him just being there that it was a real shock to the system when I couldn't come home to him anymore.

Around week 3-4 of 10 things started to get easier, I was getting into a routine and I even started sleeping in our bed again and even though I never purposely touched his side, I would wake up and my arm would be reaching out holding his side. I started vlogging with my HD webcam so that at night when I came home from work I would feel like I had someone to talk to. I started to call them my therapy sessions. I knew no one was watching but it made things easier and it gave me something to do til I fell asleep. Now I have an HD camcorder and a tripod I use instead and I get to meet other military wives through the videos! (like you guys!)

Intro to Blogging/Vlogging
I started Vlogging at ArmyWifeCaptures on Day 27 of my husband being gone. I decided I would try to make a video every day that he was gone for basic so I could feel connected. While I was making these videos I also met other military spouses! And military girlfriends! I was being asked questions and joining in. I started making videos besides just my BCT Day 39203492 videos and started doing tags, and things. Now that BCT is over I'm making 1 video a week for AIT plus my tags and other random nonsense (I'm always down for suggestions)



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