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We Are Not Pawns

I don't know about you, but  I feel like the Military community has been a pawn in the political mess.  For years, yes YEARS, our community has been told our Servicemembers may not get paid, and now our children's education is being threatened.  SERIOUSLY?

Below is video, by WRAL, of how the uncertainty and sequestration is impacting an Army Wife at Fort Bragg.  I know she doesn't speak for all, but she's a mom.  The fact she has to wonder like this is not right.

Our community has enough uncertainty. Servicemembers are ready to deploy and risk their lives at a moments notice.

Washington... get off your ass!  Most of our Servicemembers feet hit the floor before 6am. They do not come home until after 6pm.  They work FOR YOU!  Now you need to WORK FOR THEM!

Create Legislation that
  • Prevents interruption of DOD Schools services
  • Prevents Interruption of Daycare services
  • Prevents Interruption of Medical care at MTF's
  • Protects the existence of the Commissaries.
I understand if our pools and bowling alleys have to close early.  I can function with fewer days to shop at the commissary or the PX.  Education of our Soldiers and their children is NOT a compromise anyone is willing to make.

Most of these threatened cuts, are just threats. They hold our Military families' feet to the fire and at the eleventh hour announce some solution.
        • Stop making threats. 
        • Stop emotionally terrorizing our families.
        • Stop the financial uncertainty.
        • Stop using us as your political pawn.

Tired of being a "PAWN"?  Click here to write your Congressman & Senators.  

Have something to add?  Comment below.

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