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Fabulous by 40 - Workout at Casablanca Neighborhood Center

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Today is Day 1 of Fabulous by 40. That's right I'll be 40 this December. Now that we are taking a break from TTC, I can focus on my physical health.  I know you'd think that I should be doing that while TTCin', but you aren't allowed to do anything that would make your ponytail bounce.  It meant no working out.

I'm going to share my journey and the gyms I visit.  What weight am I starting at?  I don't know. Probably 205...sz18  What weight/size do I want to be?  It's not my focus.  I'll let ya know if my jean size change ok?  I want to be active and not tire out quickly.  My goal is to play a game of volleyball with my brother.  Hahaha I'm sure he'll get a kick out of that goal.

My first day was stretching and then 15 minutes on the elliptical.  I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but I have a bad hamstring and knee.  If I start too fast and too hard, I'll be out for days.  I like the elliptical because I have proprioception with my left leg after I had knee surgery when I was 21.  It helps keep my walking gait more accurate.

First gym I visited is the one at the Casablanca Neighborhood Center on Fort Bragg.  To utilize this gym you must be a resident of Picerne On Post Housing.

  • Great Child play area.  The play area even has it's own bathroom.  
  • Indoor Half Court Gym
  • Close to Home
  • Free
  • Limited Equipment.  Either it's broken or there's just is not enough.  Currently 1 of 2 Ellipticals and 1 of 3 Treadmills are not working.  
  • Not many options for weight lifting.
  • You must live on post or workout with someone that does.

I think the best part about the neighborhood centers is the ability to watch your children play at the same time.
Here's a view of the Fitness Center from inside the Playroom

From the playroom you can see the Half Court Gym & the fitness room.

Indoor Half Court

When your done playing inside, come play outside!

Where's your favorite place to workout?  What gets you moving?  Are you a pound, calories, size counter or  maybe you're more like me and you just want to be healthy and active.  Either way, comment below!  Share great workout places with other Army Wives just like you.  Don't forget to include which Army Post you are near.

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