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The Kind of Goodbye No One Talks About

Army Wives Club > Military Life > The Kind of Goodbye No One Talks About

We always hear stories of spouses deploying.  The heart wrenching moment when you have to say goodbye to your spouse.  What is rarely televised or spoken about is saying goodbye to your friends.

Marisol, Me, & Stephanie
I arrived to the Fort Bragg Area in the Summer of 2008.  Before I moved down I had a get together with all my friends and family.  A little send off party.  Believe it or not I wasn't sad.  I was excited! It was like an adventure.  I knew I'd be back and see them again.  That is the key.  I would see them again.  It provided a sense of peace about the decision to move.

The goodbye's I'm bloggin' about today are the goodbyes you say to the the friends you make on military bases.  The friends you may never see again.

Me & Kristen
When I moved here in 2008 I met my core four of friends.  Stephanie, Kristen, Erin, and Marisol. They are the type of friends you call in the middle of the night, stop over unannounced, or drop your kids with last moment.  This summer all I will have left of my core four is Stephanie.  Sorry I don't mean to make Stephanie sound bad.  She's actually quite fabulous! This summer I have to say goodbye to my Deployment Husband, Marisol.  IT SUCKS!  Just as it sucked when Erin & Kristen moved.

There are many women that have come into my life and changed it for the better that have moved or are going to move.  Megan, Danette, Devon, Terri, Bonnie, Angie, Kelly... The list really does go on and on.

There is no "Welcome Home" moment, or a countdown till they return.  It's a real goodbye with a hope that your paths may cross again.

Kristen, Erin & Me
I have made new friends since 2008.  I promise I'm not a shut in.  The last 12 months I've been saying goodbye quarterly to those I lean on.

I'm extremely thankful for Facebook.  It is sometimes the only way I can keep in touch with such fabulous people.  I can't imagine how it was prior to technology.

Devon & Angie
I've actually been to visit Kristen & Erin.  I have every intention of heading to Germany to see Marisol.  Stephanie is not allowed to move!

Thank you to all the amazing friends that I have met along my journey as an Army Wife.  Thank you for being there and sharing a moment with me.

Who is your core four? Or maybe one?  How do you handle your friends moving?  How do you keep in touch?  How do you say goodbye?

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