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Airborne Says Goodbye to the Hostess Cherry Pie

AWC > Airborne > Airborne Says Goodbye to the Hostess Cherry Pie

With the shutdown of Hostess, much has been written about Twinkies.  Even I have written a couple tearful Facebook posts regarding the loss.  There's one baked good that deserves a little more recognition.  That's the Hostess Cherry Pie.

There's tradition in the Airborne community where a new Paratrooper completes his first Division jump with a cherry pie in his pocket.  

But why you ask?

A Soldier that has completed jump school but has not jumped with Division, is unofficially and endearingly called a 'Cherry'.  Their first jump is called a 'Cherry blast'.  I have personally witnessed the pride in a Jumpmaster's eyes after one of his Soldiers completed a first jump.  

When talking with a Soldier about his experience, he said, "When I had my cherry blast it was amazing!  I was walking off the dropzone with my parachute in one hand and eating my cherry pie with another. It was delicious!"  

Sad to think, the Hostess Cherry Pie will now be missing from this momentous occasion.

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