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"Married to the Army: Alaska" has a 'Jerry Springer' Moment in Episode 1

Episode 1: "Ladies Who Lunch" is pretty much what a Tea Group is like minus Lindsey. Please disregard all the stuff she says.   We do not wear our husband's ranks.  My husband is 'Enlisted' but there are no rules saying that me and an Officer's wife can't hang out.

Episode 1: Ladies Who Lunch     

When I saw the previews of the show, I clearly said, "I hope this isn't about Officer vs. Enlisted wives."  I'm quite disgusted at the first episode and specifically, "The Eruptive Phone Call" video below.  I have friends that are Officer's wives, Warrant Officer wives, and Enlisted wives.  UGH!  The last thing Army Wives need is something as divisive as this on television.

No one would ever care that someone worked at Hooters.  If you're making an honest living aren't on welfare, I say HALLELUJAH.  Lindsey has issues.  

OWN had the opportunity to enlighten the public about the true sacrifices made by families and instead they made the 'Jerry Springer' version of this episode.   I can't say this is a true representation because I've never experienced a character as ridiculous as Lindsey.  

In closing, I'm not sure if you will get another review out of me.  I was so disgusted by this misrepresentation of the relationships between Officer & Enlisted Wives, that I'm not sure I want to promote it.  

Episode 1: The Eruptive Phone Call

Of course I go to find delete scenes and I find this *GEM*!  WHY DID THEY DELETE THIS SCENE?  This is way better than all that Lindsey junk.  Less Lindsey! More Sara

Deleted Scenes: New Neighbors

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