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Review & Giveaway - "Now You Tell Me! 12 Army Wives Give the Best Advice They Never Got"

I was contacted by Arundel Publishing to write a review about "Now You Tell Me!  12 Army Wives Give the Best Advice They Never Got".  They gave me a copy of the book to read, and Army Wives Club is going to give that book away to one of our followers. 

When I got the book, I was skeptical.  I was worried that the book was going to be a regurgitation of MWR, ACSS, and other military programs.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The 12 Army Wives that Sheridan Scott, B.K. Sherer, and Donna Lyons spoke to were extremely candid.   

The Army Wives are that of Active Duty and National Guard Soldiers.  They address both enlisted and officer wives experiences. As a reader you get the opportunity to be a fly on the wall of these 12 wives.  

Follow along as a:
  • General's wife handles the loss of troops
  • Enlisted wife deals with a call from her wounded husband
  • Dual Military wife goes from Army active duty to stay-at-home mom
  • Army Wife discusses what it's like to have her own child deploy

Additional topics discussed:
  • PCSing/Moving
  • Effects of moving on children
  • Deployment
  • Redeployments
  • Making Friends
  • FRG
  • Housing
  • Blended Families
  • Expectations

Those topics are the tip of the iceberg.  As an Army Wife of 5 years, even I learned something new.  I had the opportunity to stand in their shoes and see how they handle varying situations.   I even caught my husband flipping through the book.  He said, "It made me look at things I don't normally think about from the Soldier's perspective."  So, whether you are Soldier, new to being an Army Wife or have been an Army Wife for some time, I recommend getting the book.  You'll definitely bond with the personal stories shared.

AWC Founder

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About the Authors NOW YOU TELL ME!: 12 ARMY WIVES GIVE THE BEST ADVICE THEY NEVER GOT is co-authored by Sheridan Scott, the primary co-author of the Now You Tell Me!™ series, who has edited half a dozen Chicken Soup for the Soul books, and has co-authored Chicken Soup from the Soul of Hawai’i. B.K Sherer, a Chaplain assigned to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and a Presbyterian minister who has served several tours of war-time duty in the Middle East. Donna Lyons is a national military journalist and comes from a proud Army family.
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