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Thank You Womack Army Medical Center!

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On August 13th my husband injured himself on a jump.   He ended up with a Diastasis of Synphasis Pubis (separated pelvis) & a Avulsion fracture of the right fibula/ankle.   

I want to give a shout out and big THANK YOU to the staff at Womack! From the night he came in to the emergency room to having him being discharged from 2North... everything has went very smoothly. Thanks SGT Christianson, ER Nurse Danielle, ER Doc, PA Gast, Dr McKenzie, LT Mercer, Nurse Dave, CPT Derr, SPC Olson, SGT Morales, LT Desta, ladies at the 2N Floor Desk, Dieticians, Housekeeping, Physical Therapists Penny & Nikki, Case Mgr Nurse Ms. Abaling. THANK YOU to anyone I may have forgotten to name! I am extremely appreciative of the healthcare my hubby is provided! --

Hubby should be back to normal and jumping again in about 90 days. :)  He's one lucky guy! AIRBORNE!  

After he got some pain meds.  He was sleepy happy guy! 

He's admitted and I gave him a nickname

 Gotta love those TV's!

I think all Paratroopers should where these ;) hehe

A message I left for the staff :)  
You can tell by now I'm a jokester

Our case manager worked with Family Medical Supply/Tricare 
to get the equipment needed to help Phil at home during his recovery

He's HOME!  

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