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Frugal Toy Haul - Tuesday Morning

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If you haven't heard of Tuesday Morning, you are missing out!  They have the the most amazing Toy Deals.   

I buy Christmas presents all year round.  When I get an email from Tuesday Morning saying 50% off Clearance Items, I'm there!

How can you find out about their sales?  Sign up for Tuesday Morning Emails.  This is how you will know when the 50% off Clearance Items is occurring.  You can sign up in a store location or online.

Below are some items from my most recent Toy Haul from Tuesday Morning's Clearance + 50% off Sale.

First up is 'The Last Airbender Ultimate Airmaster'.  I paid $6.00 + tax.  My son has asked for this toy when he saw it other stores, but I wasn't going to pay original price of $25.  
Video Review of Toy:

Tuesday Morning:  The Last Airbender Ultimate Airmaster $6

     Next up is the "Budokon Wireless Guitar for PS2". I paid $3.50 + tax.  Right now online you will pay $25 - $50 for this item.  I picked up 2.  PS2's are the most affordable way to get your child into gaming.  I know their graphics aren't as good, but these are 9 & 10 year olds I'm talking about.  You can get used games at Gamestop for under $10.00. Most of the time less than that.  Great starter system which will feed their gaming hunger.

     Finally, my last find.  Who doesn't love remote control cars.  I purchased a 'Hot Wheels RC Dan Wheldon Panther Racing Indy Car' for $9.00 + tax.  Right now you probably can find a similiar quality to for $20.00+.


Have you shopped at Tuesday Morning?  Share your feedback below!
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