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Father/Daughter Dance & Jommy/Son Date Night

June 22, 2012, was the Father Daughter Ball at the  Fort Bragg Club.  It was an amazing event.  I only know this because my 10 year-old daughter came home and told me all about it.  She raved about the punch fountain and the ice cream cones.  The highlight of her night was dancing with her daddy.  I'm thrilled that the MWR puts on these events.  A perfect night for a princess and her dad!  

While my daughter and husband were having their fabulous evening, my son and I had our own night out.    The Mother/Son Sock Hop is in July and Danny won't be here.  We adapted though.   We went to Red Robin and then to the Arcade.  I think he preferred this than a sock hop anyways ;).   Nothing better than a Jommy/Son Day!

Do you have special day for child?  If so, what do you like to do?  Comment below!

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