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American Military Spouses Choir sings, "HERO" on America's Got Talent


AWC > Military Life > American Military Spouses Choir sings, "HERO" on America's Got Talent

I tend to stay away from any shows that highlight Military Life.  It might not be for why you think.  Anytime I see a reunion photo or hear the stories of deployment, it takes me right back to the day my husband came home.  It feels like it was yesterday.  My heart starts to pound, tears start falling from my eyes, and I remember the moment I saw him again after a 1 year deployment.

"the day he came home"
It shouldn't surprise you then that I didn't watch the whole show on America's Got Talent.  I couldn't watch the teasers that NBC was doing for the upcoming appearance of the American Military Spouses Choir.  They highlighted the challenges we as Military Spouses and Families face.  I did keep checking back thought!  I wasn't going to miss it.


This choir represents something special, a secret that Military Spouses & Families know.  I'm going to share it with you right now.  The Military community is one of the most supportive communities I have ever been a part of. Your neighbors & Military friends become your family away from home.  They instantly step up. Always willing to pay it forward.  When a group of ladies forms a group and sings so beautifully, I will be there to cheer them on.  I don't have to know them personally.  I will support them because that's what we do! .

Take a moment to join in the celebration of our community.  Watch them on America's Got Talent & Vote for them!

AWC Founder

 If you missed their performance of "HERO", here it is!
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