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What is Army Wives Club?

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Army Wives Club allows you to stay connected with resources on many different platforms.  It's all in one convenient location.

We know you can use Google, but our navigation and website is designed so you no longer have to scour the internet for resources. Who has all that time? Don't believe us? Try finding the below for Fort Bragg on
  • MWR Website
  • Military Post Website
  • On Post Housing Website
  • Find us 1 Military Spouse Facebook Page for Ft. Bragg cause we need to make new friends!
  • Fun things to Do on and Around Fort Bragg.  Give us 5.  We'll make it easy on you.
or skip all of that...I mean if you want to take the time to find it you can.. but we suggest you skip it.
We think you'll agree our page is much faster.

We have contributors that talk about more than military life. Our posts show that although we are Army Wives, there's so much more to talk about. We've covered topics like, Blended Families, Deployment, DIY, Fitness & Weightloss, Making A Difference, Travel, and Trying To Conceive.

Finally, we need you. Can't find something? Ask us!  Have a resources you love? Share it with us!  We are all about sharing.

Thanks to everyone that has supported us thus far and welcome to all our new visitors and followers. We are nothing without YOU!

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