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Goody's QUICKSTYLE With Absorbent Microfiber Bristles - It Works!

In my Influenster Vox Box, I was sent a Goody's QUICKSTYLE brush.  I was skeptical.  I mean really reduces water by 30%?  How do you measure that?

I have straight fine hair.  I rarely blow dry my hair.  I'm a wash and go girl.  This brush intrigued me.  I needed to know if it was a gimmick.

I  brushed my hair once I got out of the shower.  Got dressed.  In about 15 minutes my hair was dry.I was pleasantly surprised!  This isn't a gimmick for my hair type.  Not only does it dry faster but my hair appeared to have less flyaways and more body.  How is that possible? I don't know.  What I do know is that this brush will not be leaving my morning ritual anytime soon.

NOTE:  I received the product free to review.  I provided an honest review.  Please read our disclosure.
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