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Looking for some new Recipes?

I'm all about promoting other Army Wives businesses, blogs, and other happenings.  When it's something about food with  pictures of some cheesy bacony dip (Is bacony a word?), you know I took notice!  

See!!! It looks tasty, doesn't it?

I stumbled upon "I'm Dippin' Again!" by CBess83 in her Tumblr blog "Cook and let Afghani 'stand' for 9 months".  She posts recipes weekly with tons of mouth watering pictures.  The blog shows pictures of ingredients, during the creating, and the final product.  CBess83 walks you through the recipes and then sprinkles some touching stories about her and her hubby Tyler.

You don't need a Tumblr account to read her blog.  Join Tumblr and follow her, or bookmark her in your browser.

Thanks for sharing your delicious food err I mean receipes with us CBess83!


What are some of your favorite recipes or online recipe blogs?  Share in the comments below!
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